Do the vast majority of men grow up with the idea that rape, violence and misandry represents masculinity? I don’t think so. I think the Gillette ad is timely and along with issues raised by #metoo, these ARE discussions that need to be had. I do think that we need sensitive advocates that understand the emotions involved across the board. When anyone feel criticized they are instinctively defensive. I think your article is necessary but it lacks the diplomacy and the objective absence of bias needed to arbitrate such delicate matters. For example, you write about corporate created expectations; are they expectations or hopes (fantasies)? More to the point, are they imposed obligations on women? I think also using the “some” qualifier would go a long way to distinguish dysfunctional male characteristics from definitional. There are terrible ideas about masculinity in the world today but there are also glorious ones. Those men that give their lives in the military or serve as fantastic examples of fatherhood serve to remind us about the good.

This is a discussion that needs to be had but it needs to be had sensitively for the sake of both sexes.

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