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  • Jacob Jose

    Jacob Jose

    Strategy Analyst in search of Actionable Social and Economic Insights.

  • Deniz Begüm Küçük

    Deniz Begüm Küçük

    Ankara University. Information and Records Management

  • Mystic Methods

    Mystic Methods

    strategies for higher dimensions of life

  • Sebastian Stone

    Sebastian Stone

    Lawyer. Political Scientist. Enthusiast.

  • Jabran Amanat-Lee

    Jabran Amanat-Lee

    Philosopher in the making

  • Bret Flanders

    Bret Flanders

    Insert pretentious stuff about myself here

  • Orrin Onken

    Orrin Onken

    I am a retired elder law attorney who lives near Portland, Oregon. I write legal mysteries for Salish Ponds Press and articles about being old.

  • Marine Dondy

    Marine Dondy

    Biologistuderende, socialist, veganer, environmentalist.

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