Hopefully you’ve learned that it was also up to her to set the rules for her relationship.

You were extremely ill prepared to have any kind of rational discussion with her, because you clearly took a great deal of cognitive bias with you. Relationships are transactional, and they will cost you if you’re interested in giving value. The cost doesn’t have to be money, but if that’s part of the terms of engagement, it doesn’t follow that you’re PAYING for it. A generous partner spends money on gifts, and if he/she takes that upon themselves as a duty, it doesn’t mean it’s payment.

You clearly assumed that the primary or only reason she was in the relationship with an older man, was for prostitution. I find that frame of mind to be demeaning to women AND misogynistic. What if she actually had a connection with the guy, and was primarily interested in being mentored? If she was trading intimacy in exchange for money, by what system of morality do you deem that immoral, and who made you judge? Did it occur to you, that she might actually have been more attracted to her “sugar daddy” than she was to you? Or is the problem here that you have a bigoted view of relationships with a substantial age difference. Are you “sugarphobic?”

I hope to God you didn’t communicate any of these disrespectful points of view to her, and if you did, you owe her an apology.

Good luck with your next relationships, the problem here was that you weren’t able to meet all her needs. That doesn’t make her evil, it perhaps made you inadequate.

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