I don’t think we effectively fight bias with bias; we kind of lose the objective moral authority. Prince Harry had a lot of negative media attention because of some of his party antics, and he’s not black. Sasha is 19 years old, and I’m certain her parents raised her to understand she’s always going to be in the public eye. I don’t think it’s in her best interest to be using the word b*tch in a tik tok video.

Young celebrities are unfortunately far more susceptible to scrutiny these days because of social media. There have been many photos of Malia in a bikini, and I don’t recall seeing any negative press. If there was any controversy about the photo you posted of Sasha, I doubt it was because her stomach exposed. I’m pretty certain that IF she’d had access to PR before taking the photo, she’d have been advised to cross her legs.

Is this something people should concern themselves about? No. However the vast majority of the media and their audience ARE fickle.

We can’t just wholesale dismiss the values and expectations of the largest swathe of society, and ask for different standards because we are black. I know that’s what Critical Race Theory teaches, but I don’t agree that’s helpful. The comments about Michele Obama baring her arms (let alone her abs) were and absolutely pathetic. The media on the left though WERE relentless about Melania’s nude photos.

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