If there isn’t racism, there’s sexism, ageism, tribalism, and so on so forth. You highlight a fundamental reality of life, and that’s Nietzsche’s Will to Power. The powerful in their right mind are never going to concede to the weak, and that truth is race agnostic. Seneca advised that happiness depends on being able to accept the things you cannot change.

I also think (a la quantum mechanics) that the observation is largely dependent on the state of the observer. To the degree you expect to perceive racism, you’re certain to find it.

As for me, I largely enjoy my life in the United States, because I have a reference point. I’m doing much better under “white supremacy,” than I could dream of if I was back “home” in Sierra Leone, West Africa under “Black Tribal Supremacy.”

Author - The Social Currency (Blockchain/FinTech) | CEO virtualdeveloper.com, LLC a Microsoft Managed Partner. Blockchain | Azure Cloud | Records Management .

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