I’m sorry to hear about your travails. My experience is that the psychiatrist’s prescribing the medications don’t really think about (or understand) what they are doing. For example I see you went from Zoloft (SSRI — serotonin) to Wellbutrin (DSRI — dopamine), even though each neurotransmitter have dramatic differences.

I also suffered from unacceptable side effects from prescription meds, but found an incredibly successful medium by taking the lowest dosage possible while supplementing with the naturally occurring. As an example, I augment the lowest dosage of Paxil (10mg) with the amino acid L-tryptophan. I do the same for dopamine and norepinephrine.

Finally, I must say that medical marijuana has been a formidable addition to my arsenal.

The point of my long response is that I learned to make treatment my responsibility while treating the doctors as consultants.

Best of luck!

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