Of course not to both sections of your question. Where I think you’re missing the boat is on your insistence that the “sugar babe” in this story has done the man “wrong.” She is an escort who sells a service, mainly her time, and company. She clearly stated her terms and conditions to her “client,” and he of his own volition accepted, and paid. I see this as a trade between two consenting adults, and in that sense it’s neither immoral or illegal. She is using her power to get what she wants, and that’s distinct from force or coercion.

Powerful men seduce women with their wealth in exchange for sex, and companionship, and as long as theres mutual consent, I see no problem with that.

Would I pay a woman for sex, or company? No, but perhaps I’m one of those fortunate enough that doesn’t need to do so. I’m not going to judge those that do, or the women that sell the service.

Please don’t get me wrong; I totally understand your angst, and I do agree that women can be manipulative. I just draw the line between power, force and coercion. The same author writes a book on the Polygamous Sex.

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