Thank you for your article, and I know you mean well. I don’t support your proposition that “we” (anti-racists) should “demand” that racists change non-violent beliefs, or actions. Racists don’t believe they have a moral obligation NOT to be racist; they don’t believe they have a moral duty to care about the experience, or opinions of blacks and or their supporters. We are not going to change racism by DEMANDING racists believe differently. We have to change the belief, through communication. I like the example you gave about the lady who fired her racist contractor. The way to end racism is to demonstrate how it’s counter productive to be racist; how it’s not in their interests.

In the true spirit of equality, I favor race relationships as a strategy, over and above violent, aggressive rhetoric which has its foundations in delusions of entitlement.

When I see a lot of the anti-white memes out there today such as “White people do better,” I consider them to be racist. I don’t however believe that whites have a right to demand that these memes be taken down.

As much as I abhor the beliefs, and actions of racists, the constitution does afford them the political rights to their beliefs, and non violent expressions. Understanding true equality, and respecting the rights of even those we disagree with lays the foundation for objective reasoning, negotiations (yes negotiations), and a transactional approach to building healthy race relationships based on an equitable exchange of values.

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