Thanks for your brilliant article and well articulated insight.

Yesterday afternoon, I felt lonely but after I had dinner, I didn’t. I woke up feeling lonely today but after an hours cardio, I didn’t. My point is that “loneliness” is not an objective construct, it’s subjective. The emotion arises essentially from non conscious feelings of displeasure and arousal. We can’t objectively diagnose that we are “lonely”, therefore we can’t objectively treat it. It’s easy to deduce that because we feel lonely we therefore need a live in companion.

My approach is to inject pleasure into your lives to eradicate displeasure. This can take the form of nutrition, exercise, meditation, productive work, friends, family and lovers. Only after we dispel displeasure do we hate the wherewithal to pursue what we want as opposed to that we believe we need.

Author - The Social Currency (Blockchain/FinTech) | CEO, LLC a Microsoft Managed Partner. Blockchain | Azure Cloud | Records Management .

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