True Racial Equality Demands Bilateral Communication

First of all allow me to applaud the authentic passion demonstrated by all races (including “whites”) towards racial equality and justice. The struggle against racial oppression truly has become race agnostic.

If I may, I think (very sadly) is that’s what missing in current anti-racism struggles, is the notion of race relationships. We are not going to succeed with a unidirectional approach to dialogue. In my opinion, “White people” also need to be heard, if we are interested in true equality. The way forward is to be negotiated and all sides need to be taken seriously. There are many “fascists,” who are motivated by their philosophical beliefs and not necessarily racist hating black people. Where are the leaders that are hold all sides accountable not just for their rights, but also their responsibilities?

There are white supporters that suppress and harbor nagging questions that we just can’t ignore. In reality there are blacks in America that do not identify with the experience we see in the media. As a black man I recently acknowledged and bemoaned the fact that blacks are disproportionately more likely to be accused by police. However when I asked the “question” whether it’s true that blacks are disproportionately more likely to be involved in violent (homicidal) crime, I was met with defensive abuse from blacks and whites.

Many whites don’t believe they should be held accountable for the slave owning crimes of their ancestors. As an African, I can tell you that many of us fled to America because we prefer “white supremacy” to how tribalism and corrupt leaders would treat us back home. Do you know that police brutality is worse in South Africa? Consider the debate about reparations; I was once asked what the legal basis for damages were if blacks in America today are better off than they would be if they were still in Africa.

It’s well overdue for us to have honest dialogue. I don’t believe a militant approach will work. Any qualified counselor will tell you that the relationship is doomed to fail if one party in a relationship demands that the other shut up, listen and comply with their demands. As we fight against racism, are we in danger of becoming racists with our blanket viral advice for “white people to do better”, and that “white people are intrinsically and inherently racist?”

We need to pause on anti-racism and focus primarily on authentic, loyal, loving race relationships. The battle in my opinion won’t be won through looting and violence, but through soul searching logic, critical thinking and meaningful action.

The financial and educational systems are rigged against ALL (regardless of race) in favor of the overwhelming dominant white old boys network.

Money created and controlled by government by definition creates poverty. Student loan debt is one of the most crippling oppressions in the United States.

When we make this battle predominantly about race, that’s a welcome divisive diversion for the real oppressors.

Cecil (CJ) John is an architect, technologist and innovator and has worked with some of the largest companies in the world including the IMF, US Federal Government and some of the top 5 consulting companies. If you like what you have read, you can follow me on Medium for more great content. You can also sign up for my newsletter or contact me by email, Linkedin or Twitter.

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