You referenced the bonobos as an example of a polyamorous society. Pretty much everything I found proposed that they are a matriarchal society, except this outlier. Additionally the bonobos appear to be sexuality agnostic, with homosexuality and lesbianism perhaps being more rampant than heterosexuality. So firstly if theres predominantly matriarchy, then there’s no gender equality. Secondly, within the history of the human race, polygamy (as you stated) was practiced, and there doesn’t seem to be a precedent even in the animal kingdom for a gender equal polyamorous society. When polyandry is practiced, it tends to be adelphic or fraternal. I am an advocate of polygynous relationships, and I’m acutely aware that success is a function of power and status. When we see powerful wealthy women today and in the past, they are just not motivated to acquire multiple sex partners.

Once again, thanks for a great article.

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